Serial Immortality (part 12)

A bit of new wave mashed up with a bit of post-punk in this electro-rock song, by Indie-Rock band #Destijl. A classy DIY video for Serial Immortality - Part 12, from the album "A lot of Good Things Will Come to You available on all platforms. Cosmos background animation pictures by @tananchaidutsadeekun4343 and @Vichai Viriyathanaporn courtesy of For fans of #depechemode #editors #neworder #joydivision #kasabian #muse

Hollywood's a Mirror

Official video for "Hollywood is a Mirror" from @DeStijlChannel album "A Lot of Good Things Will Come to You". Song written by Scott Jeffreys, P. DeStijl & Patrice Robert. Video written, shot and edited by Jeremy Arthozoul.

+Move on+

Official video for DeStijl's song "Move on"

+Serial immortality [part 8] +

DeStijl official video for Serial Immortality - part 8, from the album +debut+

//La Quête//

Teaser for the new show "Pull my Strings"

+Death as an Option+

Official video for DeStijl single +Death as an Option+ from the album +debut+
Recorded at Voltalab studio, Rochdale by Jamie Alsop and mixed by Danny Saber.

+Cassilda's song+

Flashback on the recording of our +debut+ album in Manchester with this unreleased song.

+Machete Rules+

(ft Louise Turner, Julie Gordon & Danny Saber)

+Ace of Spades+

(ft Louise Turner)
Video shot and directed by Vanessa Philippe. From the album +debut+ produced by Danny Saber

+Anhedonia Junior+

DeStijl on tour : 12th Feb 2018 : Pop Corporation, Hyde (UK); 15th feb 2018 : Fallow Café Manchester (UK); 16th feb 2018 : The Vault, Leicester (UK); 17th feb 2018 : Marley Studio Manchester (UK) - Private gig for press ; 18th feb 2018 : the Waterloo, Blackpool (UK) ...

From the album +debut+
Shot and edited by Greg Auz

+Too late+

From the album +debut+ by DeStijl

+Out of Range+

From DeStijl album +debut+
Shot By Greg Auz / Edited by Aurélia Gourbère

+On the run+

+On the Run+ by DeStijl featuring Peter Hook from the album [something Wicked this Way Comes]

+Chill Pill+

(ft Monica Ward)
Video for Chill Pill, from the +debut+ album by DeStijl, directed by Aurelia Gourbère.

+In Your Memory [Radio edit]+

From the album "debut" by DeStijl. Video shot, directed and edited by Aurélia Gourbère. Assistant : Gael Fonrouge.

Dark Passenger

Destijl and Peter Hook performs "Dark Passenger" This song is about Roonie Pickering's angriness... or not

[Irregular Choice]

This is a Christmas Song by DeStijl. Taken from the forthcoming album "Something Wicked this Way Comes" recorded and produced by Yves Altana.

Psycho [substance mix]

This is the video for the second single from our "White Stripes" album : Psycho. Directed by Geoffrey Manet and featuring our friends for most of the people you can see in it. Enjoy.


Clues and motives

Videoclip of the single taken from "the white stripes" album by DeStijl. Shot and directed by Geoffrey Manet.

Angels Falling