The White Stripes

In 2009, burning with inspiration, P. DeStijl expanded the DeStijl sound by engaging Fred Vernay and Patrice Robert on vocals and guitar respectively, Chris Castejon on bass and Laurent Guillot on drums. An english friend, Cameron Taylor, wrote the lyrics for half of the tracks. Bursting with 21st century dystopia, radiating dark melodies and thundering with new blood, DeStijl propose their 3rd album. It’s particularly strong on atmospherics, with each of the 10 tracks drawing us deeper into DeStijl’s gritty, dark themes, and alternative, melodic dance.

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1. Clues and motives [album version]
2. Burning blood
3. Outraspection
4. Angels falling
5. Serial immortality [part3]
6. Psycho
7. Friend
8. Sweet thing
9. Out of memory
10. Greedy
11. 280 [RIP mix]