This is one of the alternate version to Destijl’s third album “the white stripes” ; 13 tracks electro revisited browsing between LCD Soundsystem, Prodigy or even Primal scream. The arrangements are very different from the original rock version, but it works too, betting was worth tempting it.

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1. My Funeral [strings mix]
2. Betraying friendship [club mix]
3. Older than U think [extended]
4. Angels [vocals mix]
5. Baghdad [halliburton remix]
6. Trust me [people lie version]
7. Out [noisy mix]
8. Junk Time [brass mix]
9. Greedy bastard [sarko mix]
10. Burning [do u luv my substance ?]
11. Memories fade [fears and tears remix]
12. Love song [club version]
13. Be 4 i kill some 1 [alive mix]