On the run [radio edit = remixes]

With an array of customised synths and razor sharp riffs, “On the Run” is immaculately crafted, creating an atmospheric backdrop for this charged up single. With its dark and seductive lyrics, “On the Run”, trembles in suspense and tilts towards the avant-garde with its quirky synths. Interestingly, it’s the customised synths that create an abstract link to the context of the song. Lyrics such as :”I like it when you call, makes me feel i’m not alone… let’s drive home this way…”, ingeniously synchronises with the telephone-esque sirens that orbit aside the quivering and elongated riffs. It’s also a song whose flutter of Massive-Attack-esque eerie synths and metallic splodges, reinforce the element of danger that consistently drives the track. It’s a smooth operator, which rides down a textured and brooding sound-path, allowing the tension to filter through the cool, calm and multiple vocals. (Manc review)

8,00 €

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1. On the Run (Radio Edit) [feat. Peter Hook]
2. On the Run (Alix Millan Remix) [feat. Peter Hook]
3. On the Run (G-Flash Remix) [feat. Peter Hook]
4. On the Run (The Feltpeople Final Hour Mix) [feat. Peter Hook]
6. On the Run (Kirsten Dunst Instrumental Mix) [feat. Peter Hook]
7. On the Run (The Kino Club Remix) [feat. Peter Hook]