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This album features norwegian singer Agnete Thuland as lead vocalist (who later produced international shows for television such as Lilyhammer) and is in an experimental approach, as the band developped their songs with time-signatures like 5/4, 10/8 or 6/8.On this album, DeStijl used sound samples from the best albums of the 90’s as an hommage and a reaction of 2000’s records that used lot of samples issued from 70’s funk and soul albums.

So, they selected Björk, Portishead, Stereolab, Morcheeba, Tricky, Hoover, Archive… but also Pulp, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Electronic, New Order, Placebo, Black Grape in a more indie-rock mood or FatboySlim, Propellerheads, 808 State, Aphex Twin or Depeche Mode as « representants » of the electronic scene.

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1. Serial Immortality [part 1]
2. A Murder Story
3. Concrete Sky
4. Run High
5. Fin de Siècle
6. Trip Factor
7. Rouge
8. Candy Eyes
9. The Shitman Club
55. Take 55