Knock on wood

« Knock on wood » is one of the two alternative version of « the white stripes ». Ten songs re-arranged and re-interpreted with acoustic instruments. Guitars, cellos, violons and percussions strip the song up to a new mood, as Fred Vernay renew the vocal lines with an intimate approach which brings the songs in a floating and melancholic dimension.

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1. Clues and motives (acoustic multivox mix)
2. Burning Blood (intimate mix)
3. Outraspection (fixed mix)
4. Serial Immortality (Part 5)
5. Psycho (MMXI)
6. Friend (strings version)
7. 280 (resurrection mix)
8. Greedy (still angry remix)
9. Out of memory (recall mix)
10. WYGIWIN (chicharito version)
11. Angels falling