P.DeStijl and John Cleary met in 1991 in Montpellier as the Madchester explosion were on its top. They started to play together very soon and formed their first band with two friends; « The catherine wheels » which became « Close-up » in 1992. After a lot of concerts, then finally split up in 1995. P.DeStijl and John Cleary then began this new project, named DeStijl as a tribute to the 20th century dutch movement.
They compose new tracks and go to the studio very soon to record this first album, from two tracks were previoulsy released on the « warmth » compilation in 1996.

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1. The Art of Fiction
2. Yes I Can
3. Far From You
4. Guilt By Association tm
5. Waterkiss
6. Golden Boy - No lyrics
7. Impressions
8. Chromatic
9. Contemplating the navel
10. Meaning And Style
11. Serial Immortality (Part Two)
12. The Perfect Loop - No lyrics