The band

Fred Vernay : vocals
Pat Roberts : guitars
Eric Manchon : drums
P. DeStijl : keyboards and programming

DeStijl fuses dark dance with melodic pop-rock. Formed in France in 1995 by Pascal DeStijl and John Cleary, the band released their award-winnning first album “DeStijl” in 1997. This success was closely followed by the experimental “Trip factor” EP in 1998, and the crowd-pleasing album “de:construction” in 1999, featuring the otherworldly vocals of Norweigian Agnete Thuland.
In 2000, Pascal DeStijl took time out from making music to launch his underground label, Hydrophonics.

In 2009, burning with inspiration, Pascal expanded the DeStijl sound by engaging Fred Vernay and Patrice Robert on vocals and guitar respectively (both ex Effet Papillon), Chris Castejon on bass and Laurent Guillot on drums.
Bursting with 21st century dystopia, radiating dark melodies and thundering with new blood, DeStijl released a new album in 2011, ironically titled “The White Stripes”.
On this album, the band set its tone : a dark atmosphere melting post-punk and dance-rock. Original concept, the album was available in three versions, including acoustic reinterpretations of the 11 songs and 12 dancefloor-calibrated remixes.

In late 2012, the band went to Manchester to record their follow-up album with “Chameleons Vox” and “I am Kloot” guitarist Yves Altana producing it. As « The White Stripes » was never performed on stage before its recording, this album consists of songs previously honed on stage with a new line-up, including Eric Manchon on drums.
DeStijl invited Joy Division and New Order former bass player Peter Hook to play the bass (1st collaboration ever with a french band) and former Happy Mondays singer Julie Gordon to perform backing vocals. With this new album titled « Something Wicked this Way Comes » DeStijl moved to climb a new step in their carreer.

They returned in Manchester during winter 2015-16 to record the last album to date, titled « debut » as a new joke. This new album includes 12 songs, more synths and more dance beats, but is in fact the most rock moods of theirs. Again, they invited very talented people from manchester to perform bass and backing vocals, and surprisingly, a brass section. The recording of that album is set to be released as a 52mn documentary directed and edited by Greg Auz.